Geodesy Company seeks to be one of the highest-ranking and best-performing companies in the infrastructure construction, project management and procurement sector in general.


That the company adhere to high-level technical standards and provide valuable, credible and honest service according to high mechanisms and expertise that give the best results.


Puts the quality of its products at the top of its priorities, works according to the highest international quality levels, continues to research and satisfy the renewable needs of customers, provides distinguished products, and brings them to a prominent position locally and regionally, horizontal and vertical expansion,


and continuous development through keeping pace with and transferring modern technology, whether individually or from Through partnerships with others, the optimal utilization of the available material and human resources and capabilities, working to maximize and increase the rights of shareholders and the continuous endeavor to develop their returns.


GeoDesy has always been keen to adhere to a set of basic values that are not limited to the company's success factors, but rather go beyond them to be a continuous source of guidance, as the company does the following:


Striving for excellence in every aspect of our business. Facing difficulties with determination and determination to achieve success.


Constant striving to innovate, develop and disseminate the latest technologies. The pursuit of the best means to improve performance

Customer Satisfaction

Providing exceptional customer service at the local and global levels, by providing innovative products, services and solutions of high quality.

Responsibility, Commitment and Cooperation

Take responsibility for our actions and decisions for the speedy completion and delivery of projects. Ala values equality, humility and respect for others. Cooperation and teamwork


To be ethical, honest and transparent in all our business.